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The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta works directly with you to create a powerful, flexible, effective philanthropic strategy for your clients. We also provide resources and programs specifically for professional advisors -- so you can augment and deepen your client relationships through the joy of philanthropy. Learn more at

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Features

    posted on 16 Mar 2018 | Group News
    Lots of corporations give back to the communities they serve, but at what point does giving become transformational -- moving from writing a check to becoming part of the corporate DNA? And how do...
    posted on 16 Mar 2018 | Group News
    Now that the new tax law has been enacted, there are several new provisions that impact charitable giving.
    posted on 9 Mar 2018 | Group News
    In 2018, the Community Foundation welcomes four new members to our Board of Directors. Get to know the next, Susan Grant.
    posted on 2 Mar 2018 | Group News
    The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is focused on five Impact Areas, one of these is Nonprofit Effectiveness. There are many essential characteristics of highly effective nonprofits, among...
    posted on 22 Feb 2018 | Group News
    History is rife with examples of people fleeing their home country in hopes of a better life for themselves and members of their families. Their journeys are often perilous and sometimes end...

Other news from Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

    posted on 15 Feb 2018 | Group News
    Many of the funds at the Community Foundation have interesting and inspirational backstories. The story of the George and Pearl Strickland Scholarship Fund is a reminder of the importance of African...
    posted on 8 Feb 2018 | Group News
    The 12th Annual Balser Symposium, a partnership between the Atlanta Jewish Foundation, United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Community Foundation, took place on February 2. Attendees...
    posted on 8 Feb 2018 | Group News
    Programs can't run without people, space or flexible resources. That's why we offer general operating support: to propel nonprofits' work by providing funding where it is needed most. General...
    posted on 25 Jan 2018 | Group News
    At the Community Foundation, we are proud of the knowledge base of our incredible team. We have experts in family dynamics, community issues and grantmaking. Do you ever wonder how they inform...
    posted on 25 Jan 2018 | Group News
    WABE hosted an educational community conversation on Tuesday, January 16 at The Gathering Spot that focused on the state legislature and policymaking. The after-hours session was titled "State...

About Us

We accomplish this mission through our four goals: engage philanthropists; strengthen our region's nonprofits; advance public will; and practice organizational excellence.

Since 1951, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has been connecting the passions of philanthropists with the purposes of nonprofits doing that work. With 65 years serving the 23-county Atlanta region and a robust team of experts, the Community Foundation manages the behind-the-scenes details, empowering our donors to focus on the joy of giving. The Community Foundation is a top-20 community foundation nationally with nearly $920 million in current assets and is Georgia’s second largest foundation. Through its quality services and innovative leadership on community issues, the Foundation received more than $117 million from donors in 2015 (unaudited) and distributed more than $139.4 million that same year to support nonprofits throughout the region and beyond. In 2016 Charity Navigator named the Community Foundation a four-star rated nonprofit, its top distinction. For more information, visit: or connect with the Foundation via Facebook and Twitter.


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