Greater Worcester Community Foundation

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation goes beyond making grants. The Foundation identifies and addresses our region’s current and emerging challenges. In collaboration with partners in our nonprofit, public and business sectors, we bring people and resources together to help our region meet pressing and long-term needs and prepare for the future.

Greater Worcester Community Foundation Features

    posted on 19 Jul 2017 | Group News
    Summer is a time of fun, beach days and other exciting outdoor activities for kids. However, for many families in Central MA, summer activities can be costly. The good news is several Worcester non-...
    posted on 19 Jul 2017 | Group News
    Foundation today announced the awarding of $50,480 to 19 organizations as part of the Worcester County Food Bank Fund to End Hunger. Those who received funding will create innovative and sustainable...
    posted on 14 Jul 2017 | Group News
    Summer has arrived, and here at the Foundation we are continuing our engagement with summer learning.  By now it is well known that this is a time when many children, especially those from low...
    posted on 27 Jun 2017 | Group News
    Foundation is currently accepting grant applications for the Jeppson Memorial Fund for Brookfield. The Fund, established in 1977,  provides grants for civic and community projects that help...
    posted on 22 Jun 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation's scholarship program enables college-bound high school seniors to be considered for multiple opportunities through a single online application. In June 2017, the Foundation awarded...

Other news from Greater Worcester Community Foundation

    posted on 22 Jun 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation today announced the awarding of $38,300 through the Leicester Savings Bank Fund that will improve the quality of life for Leicester residents. Those who received funding will help make...
    posted on 16 Jun 2017 | Group News
    The message was clear to everyone at this year's Annual Meeting: In order to grow our community here in Central Massachusetts, we must work together to build relationships, promote teamwork, and make...
    posted on 1 Jun 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation recently announced the awarding of over $630,000 in college scholarships to local residents for the 2017-18 academic year. Awards ranged from $300 to $5,000 and were given to 390...
    posted on 1 Jun 2017 | Group News
    During the Greater Worcester Community Foundation's annual meeting held on May 17 at Mechanics Hall, the grant-making institution released its 2016 financial results, elected new directors, and...
    posted on 17 May 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation has made early childhood education a priority in its funding. According to research, a child's first eight years are the most critical for human development, and the Foundation...

About Us

Ours is a citizen-run model of philanthropy dedicated to enhancing the community in perpetuity. 

In establishing the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, our founders sought to develop an organization that engaged Worcester County in its own betterment. This neighborly experiment built on self-reliance embraces and engages diverse sectors united in their vision of a better Worcester.

In our first 40 years, we’ve used the simple, accountable and flexible model of the community foundation to build an endowment of $140 million, raise $125 million and distribute $96 million in grants. Each year, we continue to grow our resources—knowledge, relationships and funds—and do more for our community.


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Greater Worcester Community Foundation
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Worcester, MA 01608
United States
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