Keynotes and Workshops

  • Before it's Too Late
    (conflict resolution for families)
  • Advisor, Know Thyself
    (for wealth and family office advisors)
  • The Psychology of Wealth
    (for families and advisors)
  • Emotional Money
    (the economic downturn and its impact on families and advisors)
  • Trust in a Time of Crisis
    (rebuilding trust amongst investors and advisors)
  • Legacy and Succession Planning
    (family dynamics in ownership transition)
  • The Fully Prepared Heir
    (facilitating successful inheritance)
  • Addiction in Wealthy Families
    (dealing successfully with addicted/alcoholic family members)
  • The Spirit of Generosity
    (for philanthropic families and advisors)

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Family Wealth Dynamics
PO Box 572
LaGrange, IL 60525
United States
Phone: 312-810-0011



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