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The Financial Awareness Foundation

News story posted in General on 26 June 2017| comments
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Spring Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement Report & Magazine is now available. This report provides a broad picture of the lack of financial awareness and financial illiteracy epidemic, an overview of the strategy behind the movement and campaigns, and a sampling of the community participation, which includes:

•              Supporting Presidential, Senate, and 21 Governor’s Proclamations (starting on page 38),

•              Evaluation Services Spring Campaign launching webinar – Help Solve the Financial Literacy Epidemic While Increasing Your Bottom Line! (page 9),

•              AFP's (Association of Fundraising Professionals) – helps launch the spring campaign (page 111),

•              Purposeful Planning Institute - said to their community (page 73),

•              Planned Giving Design Center helps launch the spring campaign - (page 69),

•              American Academy of Attorney-CPAs helps launch the spring campaign (page 68),

•              University of Miami School of Law gift to graduating students (page 162),

•              Monterey Public Library gift to the Monterey Bay Community (page 77),

•              American Library Association participates in Smart Money Week (page 136)

•     helps launch the spring campaign (page 114),

•              National Association of Gift Planners helps launch the spring campaign and provides an Estate Planning Checklist (page 131)

•              National Association of State Treasurers provides state treasurers a comprehensive set of materials (page 65),

•              Citizen’s Bank kicks off Financial Literacy Month with $1.4 Million in Charitable Contributions (page 184),

•              TD Ameritrade ushers in National Financial Literacy Month with Scholarships and Grants (page 196)

•              TFAF – A planning calendar & a complimentary set of personal finance publications (page 121 & 214)

•              Coast Guard sends an important message to its workforce – (page 128)

•              Gooding, rock band teaches students about financial literacy – (page 64 & 86),

•              Girl Scotts provide financial literacy badges (page 155)

•              Professional Athletes - NBA Legend Bob Lanier & WNBA Legend Allison Feaster inspires and teaches financial literacy. (page 184),

•              Educational Initiatives (page160),

•              The International Section (page 219),

•              and so much more.

Click on this link to open your copy

(As a note, if you experience any font problems once the PDF opens, just refresh the browser so the fonts will appear properly; if for some reason this doesn’t work, try downloading the PDF on the desktop and opening it with Adobe Reader.)


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